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Voilà Developer

Make your website live-ready

⚡️ Voilà Mini Site

No coding with Voilà Mini Site! Just create your live content using Voilà backstage.

You can simply:
  1. Signup
  2. Create a session.
  3. Configure your Mini site page easily with the wysiwyg Web Builder.
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⏱️ 5 minutes integration

Integrate the JavaScript SDK into your website to inject live content.

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💥 Rest API & CRM integration

  1. Visit our integration page on backstage and select Public API.
  2. Create your clientId/clientSecret.
  3. Call our authentication endpoint to retrieve a JWT token.
  4. That's it! Call our REST APIs with your JWT token to start adding attendees or fetching analytics!
Explore the API

🔑 SAML 2.0. integration

Voilà can integrate with your organization's existing identity provider (IdP) such as Okta or Microsoft AD with SAML 2.0, ensuring seamless and secure access for your attendees.
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