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Encoder Settings

To ensure optimal streaming quality and compatibility with the Voilà Live Video Platform, it's crucial to configure your encoders with specific settings. Below are the recommended encoder settings to be used when ingesting streams to the Voilà platform.


This section only applies to Studio Pro Sessions. The encoders within Studio Web Sessions are integrated into our platform, ensuring they're already configured with the optimal settings.

Video Settings

SettingRecommanded value
CodecH.264 Main level
Chroma subsampleYUV420P
Resolutionup to FullHD (1920×1080)
Bitrateup to 8.5 Mbps (6Mbps is a common value for 1080p@30fps)
Bitrate ControlConstant BitRate (CBR)
Frames per secondup to 60fps (30fps is a commonly used setting)
Keyframe interval2 seconds
Scene change(Preferred) off
Encoder algorithm(Preferred) CABAC

We strongly recommend you only use CBR, not VBR (Variable BitRate), as the rate-control method for encoders. CBR is better suited for the fixed-bandwidth nature of networks, and it produces more predictable, stable video playback for client devices. With a consistent bitrate, it is easy for viewers to select a quality level that their connection can handle over time.

Depending on the complexity of the scene, VBR can result in spikes in bitrate, which can cause frame drops before the video reaches our platform and/or buffering in client players.

If you are unsure whether your encoder is able to produce a strict Constant BitRate enoding, we recommend using our HD CBR feature.


Use progressive signal flows; avoid any interlaced video in production flow and/or encoding. Progressive stream signals yield much better playback quality displaying a whole frame at a time, avoiding any motion artifacting that is produced when displaying an interlaced signal.

Audio Settings

SettingRecommanded value
CodecAAC (LC)
Bitrate96 Kbps to 320 Kbps
Sample rate44.1 Khz or 48 Khz (it is best to match your production audio flow)
ChannelsMaximum 2 - Stereo (1: mono or 2: stereo audio channel support)